What is flowit?

Flowit is a project of Paleoflow, LLC, a company founded by me, Josh Rolph, in 2011. When the Paleo diet craze took off shortly after Paleoflow’s founding, I began toying with the name of “flowit” as a company-name substitute.

At one time, this site had a simple google-search-like interface that converted inputted text into bumper sticker style images [Update Dec 2016: Facebook now does something similar]. Fortunately, the web archive saved an image of it here. And the code is freely available for anyone who is interested in partnering up for flowit 2.0.

These 30 character micro-tweets randomly generated twelve colorful image options that each displayed the text in unique fonts. The images could be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

There was a grand plan behind all of this but I never actually shared it with anyone because I was feeling “feature fever,” a sort of paranoid sickness suffered by startup-types that compels you to add just a few more crucial features before launching. One day, the site no longer worked, and the site support was gone, so I suspended the tech ideas in favor of writing. Then I began podcasting.

I will hold on to flowit.co in case another use for it comes along. In the meantime, check out the blog and podcast!